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January 17th, 2021

9:37 AM

Sermonette: God Loveth an Oppressor

Let's try something different for a change.......

This 'sermonette' is from an article I wrote years ago in a church bulletin. I hope folks will listen and understand the message presented. I feel it's a message we all need to hear at this time.

A link is provided for anyone who's interested in being added to the Church of Christ. Thank you for your support and I hope you'll take a minute of your time to hear this message. Thank you again!

The Churches of Christ: https://www.church-of-christ.org


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January 5th, 2021

2:12 PM

Another Day of Sadness; the Passing of EJD

This isn't how I wanted one of my first posts of 2021 to start out, but I browsed my social media pages this morning to find out the acclaimed author Eric Jerome Dickey (EJD) has died. For those of you familiar with his work, this link and this one will provide more details of his passing.

I don't want to spend time here recalling the times we met (only once) and his accomplishments, (you can find that on his website), so there isn't much I can say right now. I will say that it's always heartbreaking when a best selling author with an impecable track record of success leaves this earth. As I have mentioned in the past whenever an author fades away, at least we have their written works to fall back on, to witness the greatness our eyes are seeing. I hope folks who were fans or possibly will be fans of his work will remember that.

Today is just another day of sadness. The literary world lost a great author today.

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January 1st, 2021

12:22 AM

Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year folks! Make it a good one! Stay safe and smart in 2021!

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December 31st, 2020

11:48 PM

Last Post for 2020

Just a reminder folks.

We will never see this year again. It's over. Done. Finished.

Here on the West coast, we're stil in the end of this year, but for many of you on the East coast and Midwest, Happy 2021! I pray this will be THE YEAR you hoped for, definitely not the year we just went through.

For everyone who's lost a loved one this year, my heart is for all of you. Really. I know how tough it is to lose someone you love knowing just like this year, you'll never see them again. I pray that each of you who is going through this experience remember the good times you spent with the one you love and think of them always.

Thanks once again to everyone who's ever supported me or said a kind word just to keep me going. All I wanted to do this year was improve and recover from my stroke. Now I want to survive and produce for 2021.

Until then, take care of yourselves and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

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December 31st, 2020

4:26 PM

For Fifteen Years

For the past fifteen years I've shared my thoughts on a string in this blog.....

A lot inf my life has changed. Some events I was not prepared for, others I knew would come yet felt unprepared when the moment of truth arrived. For example, at the time this blog was created, I worked as a proofreader for a biomedical company four years after the publication of The Depths of My Soul, two after the release of The Voices of South Central. By the time I wrote my first post here, I was already living the dream as an author.

What to write about though?

That was a question I faced when I started TOAS. I wrote essays on my own about life, society and the direction we're headed before I posted my opinions online. Before then, I kept them to myself. Once I started to share my feelings on what I wrote, it was easier for me to write the next essay, and the next, and at least a thousand more (and counting) after that. I had no trouble sharing myself online with you, the reader.

Although at this time I expected to have a few more books published and perhaps make a bigger name for myself in the writing world, I have no regrets. Just to produce one book is satisfactory enough for me. Life as it often does, gets in the way with relationships and personal endeavors, but to live the dream of seeing my name on print meant everything. It still does.

I never expected the changes I would undergo throughout the TOAS years. I would meet a fellow author who would become my lovely, dedicated wife; I would be asked to run a local book expo featuring Black authors, I would be part of an authors' group which would lead into my participation leading writers workshops in both Northern and Southern California, I have spoken in front of a camera for interviews, possible television shows, and most of all; move out of Southern California to live for a few years in Northern California. Just to be clear, I am back home in Los Angeles. I have returned home after several years now.

I also have to mention during my stay in Northern California, I sold books in a farmers' market for five years. Not just my books, but other books that I found in library sales or given to me by ordinary people (and agents) to sell. I appreciate the help. One thing about my stay in "that city without a bookstore", all I could say has been written on this blog (and others) before. All I will say is that experience taught and showed me a lot. I will never forget the individuals who helped me, and remember the critics who didn't although I won't think of them as much (smile).

In these fifteen years, I never thought I would say these words: my father is dead. Never. I knew he was sick, had been for a long time but 'Chat' as I loved to call him, always seemed to beat whatever aliments he dealt with. Yet....the night he died and my mother and wife joined me to see his lifeless body in the hospital.....I knew he was never coming back, or if I will ever see him again. Out of all the experiences I faced in the fifteen years of writing in this blog, those were the hardest words I ever had to write. I love him, and still do. I love you Chat. I will always make you proud of me if no one else cares.

I can say I am so glad now in the present day to have met so many young men and women, students they are called, who have a lot to say and if they stick with their own dreams, will be just as successful as I hope and pray they will be. I believe our young folks will eventually turn out and do great things, even if they are 'small' on the social scale. Each of them is just as important and needed in our present-day earth.

What else can I say or share with you? I think I said it all but guess what? I plan to keep on going and continue to express myself to you in this medium. I don't know how long that will be. Maybe until the host of this blog decides "it's time" to close down shop and leave it at that. Who knows? I do hope until that time, I will continue to share my Thoughts on a String with you. Thank you for your encouraging words and constructive criticism of my work. It just makes me want to work that much harder to be the best!

So until then everyone, please enjoy your happy new year! Be safe. Wear a mask if you can and keep your distance when you're able. Please follow the advice of our trained medical professionals, not the untrained political pundits! Take care (smile)

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