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January 1st, 2022

10:09 PM

New Year, New Start

The past three years beginning in 2018 was the start of the most difficult times in my life, most of  which you've read here. My father's passing, my stroke and the pandemic could have torn a person inside out, but I am sincerely thankful to have made it through this far.

The Lord has everything to do with my progress which has been a success in that I released my latest book, Storm Over South Central but it's much deeper than that. I feel as if my life at this late stage is experiencing my own Great Reset (conspiracy theorists know what that means). The way I used to think, act and speak have changed for the better I hope. I am also enjoying each day I live now instead of worrying about future events that may never happen, or 'wild imaginations' that may never come true.

Isn't this what the first day of a brand new year is about? Resolutions if we stick to them, establish a new way for us to think, act and socialize with our fellow human beings. They may also signal a change in health, thoughts and lifestyle just to name a few. Personally, I feel my own experiences of the past three years helped me to become a better person, a better man. Not perfect, but doing what I can to be consistent in my words and deeds each day.

This will take time as I'm already seeing the results I've made thus far. Whatever your challenges are, I hope and pray 2022 will bring you the best in health, wealth, and happiness.

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