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October 23rd, 2021

1:19 AM

Late Night Thoughts

It's late here in the City of Angels on the South side. It is peaceful, calm, no hints of any of the troubles you folks may have read in the past. There are no gunshots, no helicopters flying over, and as far as I know, no 'drama' in the neighborhood. We're doing quite well here.

I'm sitting here watching videos of folks losing their minds. You know, the users with a message to share, or warning for all of us to heed. Whatever the reason, no doubt you're sure to find a point of view you like in a video with a serious topic.

Maybe it's because of my journalist roots that I desire to take a look at 'both sides', but what if one point of view has slipped into desperation mode due to the fear of a world changing rapidly around the traditionalists? The believers in an ideology, a strong belief the world they live in and have taken advantage of will never change? What happens if all of a sudden, it has and there's no way to control the narrative? Convince the shrinking pool of followers that your way of life, your rights, your liberty is a stake - and for what?

What if this is a moment in time where the bill is due? The crimes of generations great and small are finally exposed out of the shadows which they were hidden for so long? What if....this is meant to happen? Protest all you want, rant against a 'rigged' system as much as you desire, but what if this sudden change in ideological thought, this shift towards a generation that reflects people who look more like the author of this missive than what we're used to seeing? A white, Anglo male-dominated society. Why this is happening, I do not know nor am I worried. If we believe that The Creator who sees all things, hears all things and is above all is still in control, perhaps what we're seeing right now in our society is for our benefit to learn from and maybe change our hearts before it is too late?

Then again, this maybe is to see which of us will never change our hearts, just because.

Whatever the reason, this is a good time to look at the important things in life. Your loved ones and the people who hold a special place in our lives. Maybe we should pick up that phone, send them an email and just tell them how much they matter to us. We may never get a second or third chance if we lose that opportunity.

Just to be sure, let's all look at our shared humanity - away from politics, away from 'wild imaginations' and just communicate with each other like we were created to do. Life is much too short as we have seen time and time again. Now is the time to make each second of our lives count.

So ends my thoughts on this late night in South Los Angeles in the midst of a quiet neighborhood. Take care.

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