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October 12th, 2021

12:12 PM

This is Why

It doesn't matter what the situation is, but it is the reason why so many young Black men (brothers) keep messing up, young sisters with their heads on straight become more focused, serious and not deal with childish antics unlike their male counterparts.

Young brothers are busy participating in mess; young sisters participate in important matters.

It's no wonder for all of the Black Girl Magic -like affirmations and positive statements in public, Black women across the board are passing these young men by. I see younger brothers who are ignorant until they get in trouble. It doesn't matter what's happening to our kind in the rest of this world or this country.

Either we step it up and stop engaging in bull.... or sistas will continue to pass us by or perhaps, won't need us anymore.

It's up to us as men to make that stand. Be serious young brothas or else.........

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