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September 30th, 2021

8:41 PM

The News I Have Been Waiting For: Storm Over South Central

Ladies, gentlemen and all you good folks out there.......THE MOMENT IS ALMOST HERE!

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The Storm has been unleashed, which means it's time to share what'€™s inside the much anticipated anthology by author Charles L. Chatmon.

Chatmon, a refreshing voice in the world of modern poetry and author of The Depths of My Soul & The Voices of South Central returns with engaging short stories and thought provoking poems.

Read Storm over South Central€ and discover the thoughts he writes about in this volume filled with verses and tales of despair, stories of hope. It will also reveal a lot about American society -€“ its strengths, its flaws and its people. This is a literary journey you will enjoy taking.

Storm over South Central from Adrolite Press.

BEFORE I LET THIS BAD BOY GO: There are a few things everyone should know before I release Storm to the reading public. A release date will be announced soon. Because of the pandemic still in effect, any book signings will be online. Pricing, etc will be also announced at a later date. Make no mistake about it this time! Storm Over South Central is finally completed and ready for public consumption! (smile)

I can't wait, and I hope you can't wait either.

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