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July 11th, 2021

4:31 PM

A Few Thoughts on CRT

What does CRT mean? Critical Race Theory.hoe

The newest controversy 'sweeping' the nation right now.

To be honest, if I l lived in a Southern state, I wouldn't want my education departments to teach it either. Why? Someone I know like a family member of long-time friend may have participated in 'those activities' designed to keep 'the coloreds' in 'their place' plus other undignified acts committed in this nation (the bombing of Tulsa 1921 for example)

Our children have the internet so they can see and witness the horrors of racism for themselves. It would be nice to teach how the negative effects of Jim Crow and Separate But Equal limited the American Dream of equality, but parents teaching their children about these historical events in the comfort of their own home will just have to do. The Traditionalist who shout against CRT will just continue to do so, but over time it's going to be a losing battle.

This is the era where the curtain will be drawn on our national hypocrisy. Much will be shown that will outrage us all.

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