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June 1st, 2021

11:15 PM

An Encouraging Message of Faith

If you close your eyes for a brief second and hear the world outside, you think it's a different place now than it was last year. Hope and optimism fills the air, life as we know it will resume sooner rather than later, and the sacrifices made by many seems to have finally paid off.

For the few of you who still feel down, hopeless and a bit depressed from the events and circumstances from all the months we have experienced from this health crisis. There's too much negativity out there in the world. You never know when it's going to stop. To make matters worse, we had citizens engage on an attack on our nation's capitol at the beginning of the year. I understand; it's too much to take. Even the most optimistic among us feel a sense of heartbreak due to the madness around us these days.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a few comforting words if I can whenever you're reading, wherever you may be. It doesn't matter what ethnicity you are, or other traits that make you stand out from the rest. I just want you to know you will make it and become better than you were when all this started.

Personally, as many of you have read, I've gone through my own health struggles with an acute stroke. There were times I wasn't sure what would happen to me. I didn't know if I would have surgery to correct the problem. Not to make this about the author of this piece but the one constant we can all agree is that it's the uncertainty of where life takes us that's the most scary - and the most challenging. We're unsure what our lives will be like once we pass through this difficult stretch of life's journey. We are unsure whether or not we will make it with all of our physical and mental faculties intact, or will something vital to our existence will be lost. This is where faith must become a central part of our lives. It's the faith that will carry us through our nightfall of doubt and fear so we can open our eyes to see a daybreak of life and the possibilties it brings.

We need faith. We should always desire it. How many times have you scrolled past a social media post and have seen nothing but doomsday scenarios, discouraging news stories and essays? It makes you wonder whether or not we will live to see the next day, doesn't it? Faith simply gives us the power to move forward and ignore these 'wild imaginations' as simply that; wild imaginations. There is no way we can develop the courage we need to move on without faith. It is a quality we sorely need now even when scrolling through our social media feeds reading and watching tales of murder, mayhem and death.

Although we commonly believe faith is as the dictionary tells us, "belief and trust in and loyalty to God", the fact is we all need faith whether or not we believe in The Father. It is essential in our lives. If we all had so much faith that even the most depressing doomsday social media post appears on our timelines, we have enough confidence to know that everything will be all right.

I understand reader, you don't believe in God. You are skeptical when it comes to faith. You feel it doesn't exist. Instead we spend time reading stories about a so-called secret society made up on individuals who find ways to kill us for whatever reason; population control, mass enslavement, whatever the fear may be, it is so easy not to believe faith which is a force that cannot be seen but relies on our belief on seeing a better day, is real while our minds are bombarded with wild imaginations of what Man is planning to kill us all.

So let's return to the original point of this essay. We are fearful, we are hurting if we lost a loved one in the past year, we are uncertain of what is going to happen from here on in. I understand. Perhaps it is not a bad thing to fear merely for fear's sake. That emotion reminds us we are human and that our lives are limited. It also allows us to face the facts that there are things out of our control. For example, my stroke came out of nowhere. There's always a strong possibility I will have another one in the future and that one ladies, gentlemen and you good folks out there, may be the one that finishes me forever. Rather than cry and curl up in my own self-pity, I decided to make that conscious choice and fight back by exercising, following my doctor's orders, doing what I can to maintain my health - and extend my life if God wills. Beyond that, all I have is to rely on my faith that I will make it. I will. That's the type of faith it takes to know not every day is filled with doom and gloom 'prophecies'. We deserve the right to exercise our faith to the fullest, and no one has the right to say you shouldn't.

Hopefully, what I have just written inspires someone out there reading this. All I can say is be faithful to yourself. If you are religous, please have enough faith that The Father will help you see things through. Hold fast to that faith and nothing will ever stop you.

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