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April 22nd, 2021

7:42 PM

You Have The Power

There's not a day that goes by that I don't read the following:

"You know they are controlling your every thought."

"They're out to get you."

"Be careful of what they want you to read or hear."

You folks sense a pattern here? They are the reason many of us live in fear and stick to our political ideologies. The digital 'towncriers' are warning every one of us they control our minds through the media (typical), monitor what we say or do on social media (doubt if they do it here with this blog, smile) and/or peeking at you right now through the camera on your laptop (if you own one)

They. They. They. The constant strawmen used by.....them........

May I add a suggestion here? If you're that fearful of what they can and/or will do, just turn off your television set, this computer or laptop. Stop listening to the radio and leave them alone. Just try it. You will have an improved state of mind once you take the step to do that one simple thing. They are dependent on you coming back to see and hear what the latest news is, what the towncriers are warning us about on social media, all of that. If you have to delete a social media profile, by all means do it! Or you can simply log off and never return to that platform again.

It's just that simple but we all want to do it the hard way.

Ladies, gents and all you good people out there, you have the power! You can turn off the noise, the madness, the crap! You do not have to engage in a criticism or opinion of the latest police shooting, political news or any other story passing itself off as 'news'. You have the power! Turn them off! Don't wait. If you're so digusted with the direction storytelling is going, if you're sick and tired of the hijacked 'woke' movement influencing our creative art, if you've had enough of the talking heads, the bombastic personalities thrust at our collective minds every hour, turn the doggone thing off! TV, radio, internet, you have the power! Use it or....lose your mind in the process.......

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