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March 27th, 2021

10:17 PM

The Role of a Great Thinker in Society

As a college student, I was privileged to read from a variety of intellectual writers. They were philosphers, statesmen, and even a few who were able to develop big ideas, visions for the future and a better plan how we in society can treat each other with the utmost respect. Of course you won't hear or see so-called 'great thinkers' in this twenty-first century because they're too concerned about their 'influence' on social media depending on how many likes or followers they gather. Let's just say we should deserve better people than that, but we really don't.

You know these men and women? Folks who saw the need to have a critical eye on classism, spoke out against a system which benefits one particular race, having the determination to speak out against injustice and the opportunity to venture out into space and land on the moon. In the past thirty years or so, men and women with vision have been hampered by the overwhelming drumbeat of ideology, the bias of gender and the casual indifference of said society when it involves serious issues that matter, but aren't given much attention or support.

We read history books of these great men and women who didn't have to say a word. Their actions showed us their foresight, wisdom and compasion for the average person enabled them to see their dream come true despite the trials they face. They didn't spend time gathering followers or likes as mentioned in the opening paragraph. These great thinkers were place in jail, mocked and jeered by the population, even killed for suggesting their ideas. In 2021, we live in a society that doesn't value men and women like these anymore. We rather make jokes at their expense without recognizing the irony the joke is on us for doing so.

Great thinkers read from a variety of sources, favorable and unfavorable. They also consider both points of view, not quick to 'cancel' anyone who has a point of view that's different from theirs. They also look to history and see the successes and failures of past generations, ideas that didn't work back then but could do so now. In 2021, we call people who aspire to be thinkers 'elitists' or 'stuck-up'. It's almost like a student asking the question, "you think you're better than us, huh?" This is why we don't encourage anyone to study, not just in the classroom, but life. They might be afraid of the backlash they receive. It's important for someone who aspires to be a thinker to ignore that and see their purpose is much larger, like their plans and visions. This and future generations can be inspired just by one idea, one vision that's realistic.

Readers, if you're reading this right now, I urge you to pick up a book and dive into Plato, Aristotle, even The Bible and just read what the great thinkers of their time thought and believed how our world can improve. It takes smart people in our current era to speak out and show us a better way. We definitely need some guidance right now.

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