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March 26th, 2021

8:31 PM

A Positive Message to Get Away from The Noise

I'm happy. I deserve to be this way. Why, you ask? It's all due to a good home, a great wife and supportive friends! There's nothing more I could ask for (well maybe there is...). I'm content with the way my life is right now and I will do my best to see that it never changes!

Readers, wouldn't it be great to see a post like this instead of the usual doom and gloom postings from peeps who believe our world is upside down? That there's no hope in sight for the positive things in life? We deal with lying politicians who either pander to their fringe bases or espouse layers and layers of conspiracies? Wouldn't you for one day visit a site like this and see the words, "You're all right. You're a winner. Your life does matter." That's better than seeing the negativity flow on social and other forms of media, the internet, even from your dog? (just kidding).

We all need a break from the overwhelming influence of negative news, so let this be your stop on the 'superinformation' highway where there's no drama, no name calling, all positive reinforcement words such as.....

No matter how bad it gets, you can do it!

You're a special person and the world needs you.

You have a lot to offer the world, so please show us what you can do!

You are loved. Everyone admires who you are.

See? Doesn't the few affirmations posted inspire you? They should and I hope they do.

So reader, the next time you need a mental break from all the noise, log off, walk outside and enjoy the time spent alone. It's even all right to smile!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Be the best you can be and take care!

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