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March 25th, 2021

7:47 PM

Updated Storm Over SC News

The thing with authors like us is that we have a habit of announcing our next book project when in fact, we're not even close to finishing it.  We set dates to get our readers' hopes up, we have a month or year in mind for the next book and it never works out. If you're a fan of a book series, you know what that feeling is like. My readers have also felt that from me. It's been over ten years (?) since I announced my third book. First it was under a different title, and I had the book ready to go except I had to run a book expo, moved out of L.A., and life took over.

The dream was still there. Reality still lagged far behind.

Without giving too much away, I can say that I cleared a big hurdle in my goal of finally releasing Storm Over South Central, the next book scheduled to be released. Although I would love for it to be out this year, this pandemic we're all going through has changed life quite a bit in 2020/2021. Therefore, I ask my readers to be patient. Storm is on the way and I'll have it ready for public consumption before you know it.

I only hope you're just as excited as I am right now :) Take care.

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