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March 3rd, 2021

9:37 AM

Men Lead

Men lead.

Or at least we'€™re supposed to. Right now (in 2021) we're doing a poor job of doing this one simple thing.

We can'€™t lead in government, the arts, much less anything these days.

Women are now the biggest consumers if you look at all the advertising, media shows featuring them in a lead role, it'€™s great to see.

However on the social front, we men are a mess.

It'€™s time to step it up, no more excuses.

Take the lead fellas, let'€™s act like men, speak like men, anything and everything required of us.

Let'€™s go into our communities and make a difference.

Let's strive to show we possess the intelligence needed to make changes in our world and in society.

Let'€™s start speaking out against injustice, '€˜wild imaginations'€™ and stop caring about the downvotes, negative comments or being '€˜called out'€™ on social media. Don'€™t you know folks are going to do that anyway social media or not?

Let’s be men again, no in looks but in spirit.

Let'€™s be leaders once again instead of the sad sorry sacks we'€™ve become.

Men lead. We should and we must.

The end.

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