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March 2nd, 2021

10:00 AM

Stand Up For Your Written Work

If you wrote a book in the past and are concerned one day you might be part of the growing chorus of 'Cancel Culture', I have words for you; stand up for your written work.

It's conveinent these days for this current generation with metaphorical pitchforks in hands (or fingers) to chase after literary artists, holding them accountable for past works deemed 'offensive' to their crowd. I say that because I have caused such a atrocity with at least two poems I penned that is in one of my books. Sadly, the 'woke' crowd will never understand, analyzing literary works is not a strong point with these folks. All you can do is protect your creative projects by standing up for them and insist that you wrote the piece and why you did. Of course, I will face this myself at some point but if you are a writer who believes that story or that poem, the article you finished is worth publishing, then it's up to you to fight for it. It's only fair....to you, the writer.

That's it.

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