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February 25th, 2021

7:34 PM

What We All Need Now Is Love, Sweet Love

Recent events has caused a ton of anxiety in our time. The pandemic, racial and social unrest, politically our country is broken, any subject you follow today is full of negative talk, speculation and commentary. So with all that on our minds today, what shall we discuss in this entry? How about the simple things (of romance)?

We're all attracted to someone whether it'€™s a mate or married partner. Love is always the number one reason why we stay with a person who makes us feel good about ourselves, who makes our lives worth living and cherish every day with. There is nothing compared to hear an inspired word, a gentle touch or a wide smile from the one you love. It'€™s also when your partner does all he or she can to make you feel special, as if you'€™re the most important person in their life.

It has been said, '€œLove is a many splendored thing'€. It is also the most powerful force in the universe. Our Creator stresses the power of love. Poems written by yours truly and greater writers than he, have made their names known sharing words of inspiration based on this one emotion. If you have a moment, step away from the keyboard or phone and take a moment to think about the one you love. It can be a human, a pet, a song or anything that makes you smile, fills your heart with happiness. If you can, hold on to that feeling for the rest of the day or evening. I believe you will feel better in these troublesome times.

There are no studies prepared to show that thinking about the one you love has an overwhelming positive effect on your daily lives. We see the effects of either being in love or thinking about it does to our mental health. Don'€™t you think we need more positivity in our lives? Here'€™s a suggestion; if we stop with the division of people based on who they are and what their beliefs are and focus on just accepting these same people as fellow human beings who are just as worthy of love and respect, perhaps we will thrive as a human species. This may represent a Pollyanna-like view, but it'€™s better than what we'€™re dealing with now.

To conclude, I would like to share this video with you. The words are just as important now than when they were first sung. Folks, let'€™s return back to loving each other and leave the hate behind. Take care.

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