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February 25th, 2021

1:23 AM

Political Discourse is not a Wrestling Promo

Ladies and gentlemen and all you good people out there, I would like to show you something. Don't worry, it's on line with the topic of this essay.

Why am I'm showing a 'promo' from Stone Cold Steve Austin? Imagine a politician using this method to speak to their constituents. Imagine if that politician engages in the same trash-talking style as a famous professional wrestler. That would be cool, wouldn't it? Stick it to The Man!

Unfortunately, that's also what's wrong with today's Body Politic. Too many of our politicians go out of their way for the big Twitter hit, that quick social media buzz to share with their followers in the hopes it will help them get reelected. Sadly enough, this is the style where common sense and compromise are out the door. Who needs it when you can talk trash about your political opponent as if they're the next person to challenge you for Electionmania 2022/2024?

I don't know about you, but I love my politics to be boring. I don't mind a good fashioned debate with anyone I have a disagreement with, but when the opposing side talks as if there's a wrestling ring nearby, spouting harsh language bordering on 'knocking heads' rather than changing minds, that's when it's time to cut folks loose. We have endured forty one years of this style of political 'disscourse'. It's time to end.

One suggestion on how to change this is to demand respect. If they're willing to talk reasonably about an important or political subject that needs to be addressed, by all means go for it. If their side is filled with 'whataboutisms', gaslighting and deflections, chances are it's best to let your family member, friend or close associate spew that madness out of your earshot. Your mental health is important not to let anyone disrupt your inner peace and common sense. If the future, let's all try this okay? Let's leave the trash-talking to the people who know how to do it, the professionals in the 'squared circle', not plain folks like you or I.

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