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February 22nd, 2021

12:37 AM

Still Missing Him

You know the one thing my father would tell me (and has told me) if he were here now:

"There's no need to cry over me."

He's right. Just because he was (or is) doesn't mean I still can't cry because he's not here.

As you can tell, I'm going through missing him. It's been close to three years since he left us. I still feel his presence every day but I miss him all the same.

Speaking in general, and I have friends who can attest to this, it's hard to lose a parent. It's really hard when you love(d) as much as I did my father. He wasn't perfect, but I didn't want a perfect man. I wanted him.

Now I'm doing the best I can without him. The Lord has been gracious thus far. I pray I earn the right to continue to earn His favor. I miss my father but I will always remember him and the great moments he provided just being in my life.

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