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February 1st, 2021

10:01 AM

It Must be Working

Okay readers, I believe that whatever fans of a political ideology have warned us about for decades has finally become true. Irony: in telling us not to be '€˜sheeple'€™, they turned into the things they hated most. The fans of this ideology have turned into devout, dedicated followers of a man who led them all to ruin, and continues to do so this very day.

Who knew a Twitter account would be so dangerous? Maybe I should try it with Facebook (smile).

For forty years we have observed the belligerent shouting from talk show hosts, the false proclamations of nefarious political deeds created out of thin air, the assumption of another ideology would all turn us into lovers of 'free stuff'€™ or back in the day, groveling at our feet at the hands of a tzar. Those were the good -€“ wait! Over the decades this ideology would spend election after election warning us the other side would bring our country to ruin if they assumed control. Yet past history shows quite the opposite. Perhaps the devoted followers of this ideology are the ones who are the sheeple.

It's even at the point where the believers of this ideology abhor everything that is good not only for their community but the soul. Education, books, the pursuit of knowledge. They have turned it around and made these righteous endeavors something to be shunned or abandoned. Even to the point where they will tell us not to trust valued institutions like the media or at best, the moon landing was faked. They even have sports athletes repeating that debunked mantra.

It must be working, whatever 'plan'€™ the believers persist in telling the rest of us. The plan to create an uneducated, ignorant generation has achieved its greatest success in electing a €˜demagogue€™ who speaks their language, doesn't possess the greatest educational background, refuses to read a book unless it has his name on it and yes, making us all believe that good is evil and evil is good. Haven't we read about a spiritual entity who indulges in such tactics? Hmm, I'€™m sure we've heard of him before......

Readers, this is no surprise, but it is a warning to the rest of us who believe knowledge is power, education is strength and yes, there'€™s nothing wrong with learning history because at this moment in the year 2021 A.D., we are repeating it. America may not fall like the Roman Empire, but we are certainly headed down the slope of ignorance. One that threatens to destroy what we all value dear. This is what happens when fringe voices and media outlets and the politicians who are created from this outlandish version of reality are allowed to have the biggest voice in the room. The solution is we don'€™t have to pay attention to these voices anymore. We can leave the room and let them rant by themselves. Stop being an audience to this junk.

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