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January 5th, 2021

2:12 PM

Another Day of Sadness; the Passing of EJD

This isn't how I wanted one of my first posts of 2021 to start out, but I browsed my social media pages this morning to find out the acclaimed author Eric Jerome Dickey (EJD) has died. For those of you familiar with his work, this link and this one will provide more details of his passing.

I don't want to spend time here recalling the times we met (only once) and his accomplishments, (you can find that on his website), so there isn't much I can say right now. I will say that it's always heartbreaking when a best selling author with an impecable track record of success leaves this earth. As I have mentioned in the past whenever an author fades away, at least we have their written works to fall back on, to witness the greatness our eyes are seeing. I hope folks who were fans or possibly will be fans of his work will remember that.

Today is just another day of sadness. The literary world lost a great author today.

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