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November 7th, 2020

10:52 PM

Party Pooper!

Greetings everyone! It's been a great day, hasn'€™t it? You know what happened, right? For the sake of keeping my sanity, I will just said that our country chose a new president today. Due to the fact if I mention this new leader's name, folks will swamp my comments box, my email box and/or my social media feeds, let me say that I will not mention his name until January 21, 2021.

With that in mind, I would like to discuss a quote I posted on a social media feed just this day:

"€œEveryone's happy, that's good. Just a warning: If the winning party overplay their hand 'again', they'll lose just like 1994 and 2010. Be smart. Not everyone shares the same views. Just a thought..........."

This is a fact. Yet I have found since I posted this, a couple of friends and family members who accused me of being a '€˜party pooper'€™ by predicting what might happen in this new administration. I am here to state that it will be truth if one political party in charge has several of its more fringe members start issuing demands that are not incremental in nature to whatever policies they want to move forward. Depending what happens in the Senate runoff races in January, either this new president will have a congress to work with or he will not have the votes he needs for the changes he wishes to implement. President Clinton tried it back in 1993 with health care. The opposing party took advantage of the failure to pass it. In the following and for the next twelve years took control of congress. President Obama did get things done in his first two years including passing his health care program, but it cost him congress for the rest of his term.

I get it. No one wants to hear this possible scenario yet. We just finished a presidential election that had millions of people on edge. Now that their favorite won (fair and square, I might add), they want to release that nervous energy and celebrate. As I told one of my friends in a down thread, it might have been best to hold off on this opinion for two days when the euphoria has died down. No time like the present, I guess (smile). I will say that it'€™s best to prepare for this eventuality now before two years all the celebrations turn into anger and tears. I wouldn'€™t have made the above statement if I didn'€™t believe it could happen and folks, it could happen!

So I will say this, the extremists in the winning party in congress are the individuals who feel their views, their opinions matter except judging from this last election a million voters who voted for the other candidate feel strongly in the contrary. My warning in the above stands. If the winning party wants to keep their advantage, play it smart and cool. Do not give the opposing side a reason to as we saw in 1994, win back a majority in congress. All of the plans from the winning candidate sounds great and I want them all to come true. The problem is, they don't last in political reality as it has in recent and past history here in America. On the other chance, folks can ignore this plea and discover two years from now this prophecy didn'€™t have to happen. It did because folks didn'€™t see past their own ideology and now they lost whatever advantage they had. I hope you understand this point reader. It should be quite simple but.....all I can do is present a point of view. It's up to everyone to take action so what I said above does not occur.

I wish President-elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris all the best. Please, please, please don'€™t let a squad ruin the momentum of what they have gained. Otherwise, all that they built for this moment will fail. Just a thought. (smile)

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