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November 2nd, 2020

8:12 AM

This Pandora's Box Will Be Hard to Close

Regardless of what happens on Election Day, I plan to just move ahead. I will not mock the losing candidate's supporters, nor will I despair of the other candidate wins. All I will do is focus on what'€™s important; my family and community. Let's face it; haven'€™t we seen too much division, avarice and all-out hatred these last four years? Not at one candidate, but each other? Why can'€™t we be better than this? Why can't we simply agree to disagree and leave it at that? Why every time you talk to a supporter of one candidate, their language and posture implies, "€œif you’re not for us, you're against us?" I can't afford to live that way, and neither can you. The Pandora's box of evil has been cracked open wide. It will take a strong effort to close it.

You know the story of Pandora right? A woman opens a box that unleashes all kinds of evil on the world? 2020 doesn't have a Pandora per se, but we do have a mental box that once opened, it'€™s hard to banish those evil spirits that have plagued us for so long. Hatred, greed, avarice, prejudice, and every type of evil we can imagine. I read social media platforms where folks are saying they'€™re exhausted, tired of the vitriol floating in the air changing all of us from rational human beings to bloodthirsty creatures unconcerned of who gets hurt. They are '€˜the other', fitting the descriptions of humans with evil intents on their hearts.

It has been said Election Day will not stop the madness surrounding us. Indeed, it won't. It will only accelerate our doom, hopelessness we will ever return to showing respect for our fellow man, woman and child. We will forever feel free to unleash our personal evil spirits upon this sordid, sorry nation and world. We will mock foreigners, other human beings different in nationality, skin color or language, we will forever hold on to an image of superiority falsely identified to The Creator and assume folks are following His Will to display this superiority under the guise of an agenda. One that is harmful and destructive to the rest of us.

This mentality will not simply fade away. Unlike a virus, it will not dissipate or vanish because we wish it to. In order for it to truly disappear, we must be committed to showing and practicing respect to our fellow human beings despite they do not share anything in common with us only that they are human, and deserve our attention.

No matter what happens, no matter which side wins or loses on Election Night (if there is a clear winner by then), please show each other the respect we are all due to each other. We can celebrate the victory, but not to mock the other side or point fingers or fling curse words at them. We are much better than this. If the past years have shown us anything, it's shown we need more civility in our lives, less listening to the voices of divisive speech. Of course, they will have something to say too. It doesn't mean we should listen to them. We should unsubscribe, log off their channel and leave them alone. They have never helped to heal. Their mission was always to hurt and profit off that hurt.

Here's to everyone who voted already! May all of them be counted fairly and then we move on to become the best of ourselves, not the worst.

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