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October 8th, 2020

1:33 PM

This Isn't Going to Work

This may not work out. Despite my best efforts not to discuss anything political on this blog until the recent presidential election is over, it is impossible to break away from the news of the day, the presidential election. It was a vain hope to avoid online confrontations with folks with a different view. Back in the day, a political discussion may turn out to be civil and the two sides would agree to disagree as I have stated on this blog before. The civil discourse I grew up observing now becomes a shouting wrestling match-like promo for one candidate or initiative who speaks the loudest and wants their voice heard. Hang it with civility! For example,

Me: I like Fatburger. I think it'€™s a better hamburger and I like their specials.

Online user: F you! Tommy'€™s wins hands down! No one can top the delicious chili on their burgers you worthless piece of (beep)!!!!!!!!!! How dare you compare Tommy'€™s with that MF piece of (beep) you call a hamburger???? It makes me want to puke!!!!!!!!!!! (more expletives to follow)

You see how it is reader? You see how a simple opinion turns into a full blown '€˜flame war'€™ between two users online? I discussed this on the podcast but it bears repeating: we politicize everything, even hamburgers and it's very sad to see.

So reader, up until the general election I may post political opinions on this blog again and as always, I'm open to meaningful, substantive debate. If it turns into a political what-aboutism post, then I'm afraid I am going to shut that down. You have been warned.

Take care.

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