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October 7th, 2020

12:29 PM

Romantic Thoughts From The Heart of a Man

This writer is known for writing 'from the heart of a man'€™ so I thought I share a thought I have in mind with you, the reader. A man wants to be loved, no doubt about that. You may ask yourself, '€œWhat is love?'€ and ask that if a man requests it, then he must give something back in return (just to show his significant other he is willing to do so). I have to say that a man only wants a woman to love him for who he is, and finds something in common with him. In our modern times, there so much focus on the superficial, there's no way of knowing if a man will be there when you shed a tear, or needs a compassionate voice to speak with after a personal tragedy. A man wants a woman to hold hands with, laugh, talk, discuss the important yet lighter subjects in life. A man wants to be a with a woman who is equal with him in most things, if not all.

In this modern society, so much has been made in presenting the '€˜right'€™ image on online platforms, appearing to be so much more than what we really are. We sell ourselves through our looks, our body parts, other seductive means to entice or titillate the viewers of our profiles, our online pages, and websites. We seek to reach the intended by what we show rather than what we think. Why? I love it when I can engage in a conversation with someone who makes me feel as if my words are important to her. I want to feel as if I matter. I want to feel as if I am human. We really don'€™t speak with others about our intimate feelings of life and love except when it'€™s on a platform for all to see, where it is jeered and scrutinized.

Loneliness is real. It makes you feel worthless to the world at large. There are no friends to turn to, no family members to hear what you have to say, you feel alone and believe life is not worth living. That's why it's important to find that one person who makes you feel as if your existence on this earth is needed. We all want to feel alive. We all want to feel worthy, at least to one person.

So often we are caught up in society's movements and divisive subjects that pull us farther and farther away from each other. We may not agree on politics, social matters, even romantic issues but they shouldn'€™t be so-called '€˜deal breakers' if two people really and deeply care about each other. The point is to know you for you, nothing else. All the other issues mentioned can be worked out and not everyone can agree on a particular subject matter. It'€™s the heart of the person that should matter most. It's their soul, we need to touch and believe we'€™re kindred spirits if it comes down to that.

I believe in love. I really do. I believe it takes a lot to share yourself with a stranger you barely know outside of the physical. Believe it or not, their heart is the most important aspect of a person. What they think, what they believe, how they view life and love, is what we all should look for. Yes, physical body types may be attractive and exciting, it's what we possess between our ears in the most exciting body part of all that should determine whether a person is worth getting to know or not.

In the end, you may suspect this missive is a bunch of bull or that the writer of this piece doesn't know what he’s talking about. Either way, I hope what I wrote to you is true. Men and women alike all want one person to make them feel special, wanted, needed. They'€™re looking for someone who has a good heart and spirit. The rest I leave with you. Take care.

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