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August 26th, 2020

2:44 PM

One Nation Under God, For The People

For the past three years, I have seen a nation fawning over a mortal man who is the '€˜leader'€™ of the free world, i.e, America's United States. What I have a hard time dealing with is the insistence of a few individuals proclaiming him as 'The Chosen One'€™ when in fact, it was the people (or according to some, outside forces) that made the decision to elect him as President. The black guy'€™s term was up so a new leader had to be selected.

In President Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address, he reminds us "€œthat government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth"€. For the people. In recent years, those who warn us about government overreach and the dangers of a certain '€˜economic and social'€™ theory. America belongs to its people. The politicians we elect are supposed to work for us, not the other way around. We choose our public servants, yes, public servants to help pass laws, sign legislation, ensure the principles on which this democratic republic was built on; justice, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Although we entrust God to help us make the right decisions, it all comes down to We The People to make that choice for president, governor, mayor, councilman or alderman, all the way down to dog catcher. We make the choices.

The above photo was created by a gentleman named John McNaughton. This depiction of The Lord holding the Constitution while former and living presidents take a knee may be impressive, awe-inspiring, but it'€™s wrong. Dead wrong. This assumes The Lord returned to earth to help with the foundation of the United States of America when in fact, from reading The Bible, when He returns (at any time, even as you're reading this), that is The End for all of us. America at that point won't matter. Nothing will. It'€™s wrong because when Christ arrived in the middle of another empire, Rome. It doesn'€™t make much sense to envision Jesus favoring one country over all others. If that was the case, Rome would have lasted for a thousand years or for how long His Father wills. This is part of the madness that has captured this country. America may adopt biblical concepts and foundations but in no way is it or ever has been referenced in The Holy Word. Never.

In our American myopia, we merge our spiritual beliefs with our civic and political beliefs. It'€™s best to separate the two. Here in this country, we do have the freedom of religion to worship whoever you want to worship for, or not. It'€™s up to you. It's your (not God-given) American right. We choose a leader based on what appeal he or she has for us -€“ not because they were '€˜chosen'€™ by The Divine. We The People do that. Ancient Rome never had that option but they were an empire for a reason. This country closely resembles the Ancient Romans in that Caesar thought he was all-powerful until he wasn'€™t, dying at the hand of one of his most trusted men. The United States doesn'€™t have a Caesar (but we're working on it), although we have senators. Other than that, it is important to separate the spiritual from the political when it comes to our different points of view. God just doesn't bless America; but this author will argue He blesses every nation on this planet He made by the mere fact you are alive to read this now. To close, there isn'€™t a '€˜Chosen One'€™ sitting in political office now by The Divine nor will there ever be. We The People choose our government and We The People have that power - and that right. God gives us the senses to make the decision who to vote for, that'€™s it. We The People make the final choice in who serves us. May this system never end.

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