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July 15th, 2020

6:34 PM

An Intellectual Tragedy Awaits

To be honest, I await the moment, the day when the politically incorrect woke crowd comes a gunnin' for the classics. Don't tell me they won't try, they will and when they do it will be a sad day for literature. For example, I expect the Chorus of Woke to target a fine work of literature say, Shakespeare's Othello.

Now the author of this piece loves Othello, not because it has a Moor as its lead (Definition of a Moor for those of you who don't know), but this is one of the Bard's best tragedies. (Tragedy for all of you who don't know). There's no need to go into detail but the highlight of the play is how Othello's wife Desdemona meets her demise. The play really goes into the mind of another central character, Iago, someone Othello trusts and who is the real villain of this classic. Yet we are now living in the twenty-first century. A time where everything male dominated or produced must be questioned, challenged and debunked for the sake of our children and future generations. Don't let the fact that a man writing this essay deter you from the fact all men are evil and Othello proves it. (Pardon the sarcasm).

Yes, I suspect one day soon Othello will be dissected by the Woke audience and not for its intellectual storytelling. It will I suspect, picked apart by the mere act of violence Othello commits towards Desdemona which if one were to read the play closely, you would know Iago has something to do with this result. I suspect strongly the Woke crowd will not read that deeply or have meaningful discussions about the central theme of the play which has nothing to do based on the main character's skin color. Someone will try, I promise you that.

I continue to suspect Othello won't be the only play from Shakespeare scrutinized and criticized to death. I imagine the Woke crowd will go even further complaining that in his plays, women's roles in Shakespeare's comedies or tragedies have been played by men. The Bard's misogyny is real folks. (Pardon the sarcasm again) My advice is this, why don't we focus on the actual play itself and what led Othello to his fateful decision regarding his wife? Why don't we look at the action, see how he felt about the result and be outraged of who is the real winner of this tragedy. (Spoiler: tragedies have no clear cut winners). I promise you Shakespeare deserved the title of The Bard because of his outstanding storytelling. He set the model all of us who are writers are trying to meet each and every day. The praise he receives after five centuries later is unsurpassed and in this author's humble opinion, should be left alone by the Woke culture. There are plenty of other English poets and writers to turn your ire on. Using your anger on a playwright who's been dead for five centuries now is an intellectual tragedy at best.

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