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July 11th, 2020

8:04 PM

July Update 2020

Update for the few true readers of this blog:

Like everyone else, I'm stuck at home maintaining day by day. Not sure when things will ease back up again since so many folks keep blowing the opportunity to go back to normal. But hey, your freedoms.......

I have been working on present projects that I hope to publish soon, maybe in a year or so. The best part is that I finished at least two book projects and about to start on a third! My plan is to finish at least four books by the end of this summer, possibly fall if this virus continues its onslaught across our ignorant nation and planet. We shall see.

All in all, this isn't the year you or I imagined it to be readers, but at least from my end I'€™m doing what I can to get some production from my unfinished projects! I hope each of you are doing the same; finding productive projects to keep you busy while we'€™re either staying at home because of our state government officials or just by choice! Either way, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a freakin'€™ mask! We'€™ll debate the particulars later. Take care.

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