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May 22nd, 2020

7:49 PM

This is Our Normal, For Now

Last weekend I took a test for COVID-19. The good news is that I passed. The bad news? In my neighborhood there are street vendors gathering customers without masks, acting as if it'€™s a normal day. On my walks, I have to move away from people who approach me as they either stand or walk closer than the required six feet. I hate to remind folks of this, but it'€™s required you wear a mask and stand approximately six feet away from folks around you! It’s not that hard to figure out. It'€™s a safe way to save you from the virus.

Of course it'€™s getting warmer. People are becoming more ansy, not pleased staying in their homes after weeks of being told to do just that. Yes, our 2020 hasn'€™t even started yet in a normal sense but this pandemic isn'€™t normal! Each one of us has to do what we can to ensure the safety of others around us, our family members and friends. By this time, the school year is about to wind down which means less assignments for me. Because of this pandemic, my school year ended on the third week of March, much earlier than I or anyone else anticipated but here we are.

Word to the wise: wear a mask, keep your distance and most importantly, wash your hands! This ain'€™t the new normal anymore, this is the normal way of life it'€™s going to be for a while until a proper vaccine can be found. Before that happens, I just want you, the readers to keep calm and enjoy life. You might be inspired to read a book or two (hint, hint). Take it easy and be safe.

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