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May 7th, 2020

11:46 AM

Opposing Views

Perhaps this has happened to you reader, or will one day. If I post a viewpoint like this:

Water is wet.

Rest assured, there will be a username with no picture attacking you online like this:


See that? As nonsensical as my post may have been to one person, the opposing response is just as dumb. In the future reader, if you choose to debate an issue I present, just calmly and sanely say, I disagree. I promise to hear your side out and not respond with, YOU ARE ONE SICK INDIVIDUAL! WATER IS WET AND HERE ARE THE REASONS WHY!!!!!  Seriously, I promise.

Welcome to 2020 where responses to blog or social media posts are now in the In Your Face mentality. It'€™s been building up to this ladies and gentlemen because we have lost all reason for civil discourse, an opportunity to calmly and sanely debate issues amongst each other, even on the internet. We go along with every conspiracy theory, every wild imagining posted online and we as a consumer public fall for them. How many times on our timelines we see the same conspiracy theory served on a different menu of information? How many times must our eyeballs endure the same €˜messages€™ over and over again? How many times do we encounter a story that'€™s so out of left field, it would take a week or so of Snopes fact-checkers to figure out the story is not true?

I don'€™t mind receiving an occasional email from a reader with a different point of view, even if I don'€™t agree or feel the reader is taking a point made out of context that coincides with his or her political beliefs. As long as we'€™re civil about what was posted, I'€™m cool. However......there are comments posted on several websites I peruse that are so out there, outrageous, past borderline insane in their responses to what the writer is pointing out. The folks who comment are in a sense, '€˜triggered'€™ by what is offered on the screen. Folks, maybe we should understand that if we say we have freedom here in America, let's act like we have it and respect the freedom of speech of everyone with an opposing view? There are times I shut down and let the other person talk if they have a viewpoint I don'€™t agree with. Trust me, in the past I engaged in those '€˜talking point arguments' with other folks€™ and all we have done is dry out the windpipes because at some point, the original point is lost and the two of us are just talking nonsense. This has to stop, seriously.

Every one of us has a point of view we believe in. We can discuss our differences like adults. I work with young people and there are times they sound more grown-up than the real thing, but I digress. We have to make sure if we have an opposing viewpoint, we need to discuss the reasons why and in terms to help our argument. We have to be civil, that'€™s all. It doesn't help if we wind up in a shout fest through video (YouTube) or typo heaven (online). We need to admit that at times, we are not always right. We can be (gasp) wrong.

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