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March 13th, 2020

7:55 PM

Relief From The Trouble

We live in troublesome times, eh?

Coronavirus, instability in the markets, it looks like we won'€™t make it out alive right? Almost as if we'€™re all going to die? Whatever you'€™re feeling right now, I'm here to cheer you up, keep your head up with all this stress going on. If there'€™s one thing I learned from my own personal ordeal, it's to keep your faith that everything’s going to be just fine. As human beings, we are the cause of our own demise but we can also pull ourselves out of it. We don'€™t have to wait or live in misery. That's not the focus of our existence. Now I know there are a lot of '€˜Doom and Gloom'€™ artists who give you the lowdown on the next big conspiracy and yes, you will have people who will agree with the person(s) who has the '€˜inside stuff'€™ but reader, it's up to YOU to determine not to let Man or a group of men steal what The Creator intended for you to enjoy; life, and all that goes with it.

With that being said, submitted for your approval is a song I hope will help you get over whatever rut you may feel in your daily lives. Just remember, have faith and you will make it through! Take care.

God has never failed us yet. Man always will.

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