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March 10th, 2020

3:30 PM

Welcome New Readers! Words to The Wise (and The Opposite)

I know you'€™re out there.

Reading, watching, recording everything I wrote on this blog, past and present.

You may find something you like, or you don'€™t. It's cool.

What I will say, these are my thoughts. They are written on a string.

In order words, what I will say on this blog will offend you. It may cause you not to be a follower or a friend. Even the possibility of one in real life.

That'€™s cool too. Saves me the trouble.

For fifteen years, I have and will continue to share my thoughts. Why? They are mine and you are here so obviously there are things you wish to know about me. Perhaps you would like more insight into my different views of life, sports, and other topics. All that which is very cool. I don'€™t mind.

What I do mind is outside of this forum is that if we debate on a subject or a person (even a president), don'€™t act as if you'€™re an ally, then leave because I don't agree with your stance. If you happen to do so, I won't mind.

But if you stay be reminded; these are my thoughts on a string.

And nothing will ever take that away unless The Good Lord decides to do just that.


Charles L. Chatmon, author and creator of Thoughts On A String

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