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February 5th, 2020

6:34 PM

A Message About Trash-Talking in Sports (Nothing Personal)

Every year they sit, huddled around a television set for over three hours. Emotions are spent, voices are hoarse from shouting and in the end result feelings are hurt or there is a cause for celebration. After each major sporting event, fans from a particular city cheering their favorite team go through this same ritual. Take for example the Super Bowl this past Sunday between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. For the past six months, I have witnessed on social media excited members of my family post memes, quotes, and scenes of favorite plays and players of their favorite team. (Hint: they wear red) This author however, does not like their squad and made it his mission to root for the other side. Why? Because I want to. (smile)

Major sporting events are always fun to watch, even better if you attend them in person. I can say that the aftermath of the Super Bowl has made me one happy man while my relatives aren'€™t taking their loss well. Now you know which team I'€™m referring to right? Trash talking is a big deal when it comes to sports. Even a famous radio host or two began his career by using the art of trash talk and coined it as '€˜smack'€™. One relative who engages in this art found himself involved with the author as we went back and forth talking trash on social media. It'€™s all in fun and although his boys suffered a heartbreaking loss, it was good to sling the insults between our teams back and forth. Nothing personal. That'€™s the way sports is.

Although I'€™m not clear when the origins of trash talking began in sports, I think it adds to the experience of being a fan. It'€™s a way to not take sports seriously, that it'€™s all in fun and should stay that way. My close friends know this quiet author will trash talk about your favorite football, baseball, basketball, even soccer team in a minute. If you have the opportunity to check out my social media timelines, you'€™ll see that I playfully '€˜give it'€™ to a team, coach or player I feel deserves it but of course, nothing too serious. When I see rivalries such as Boston-New York, Duke-North Carolina, Texas-Oklahoma, UCLA-USC and the amount of trash talking that takes place, it'€™s the best thing to happen because the passion is there.

For hours on end, we fans spend our emotions rooing for a team we love. Either we grew up with that franchise or a superstar joins the organization which for the 'bandwagon crowd'€™ makes it their team too. Everything'€™s fair game in trash talking; the players, the coaches, uniforms, playing field, mascots, cheerleaders, you name it. Sports are interesting and fun when the fans go after each other and it'™s an important part of the game. So until the next major sporting event (looks like the Final Four is next), have fun, cheer for your favorite squad and yes, talk trash to your rival. It'€™s all in fun. (smile)

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