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January 4th, 2020

11:32 AM

A Public Service Message: Would You?


Let me ask you a simple question. Would you hang with a dude that doesn'€™t have your best interest at heart, that doesn'€™t care for your existence or would even love you? Would you spend hours and hours listening to what this person says even though you know deep down inside his suggestions aren'€™t good for you? Would you even consider him a good friend? A useful ally? A kindred spirit? Would you even believe a thing he says?

Would you believe he has been involved in many lives before, always with a promise of something better but it turns out to be the worst thing these folks have ever gone through? Would you give in to imaginations of fame and wealth only to find the reality is less than you expected? Would you believe this person said they had your back only to discover the deep cuts on it?

Would you believe this person promised you a kingdom but you discover it is anything but what he promised? Would you believe this person guaranteed friendship but uses the opportunity to destroy you? What if this person, isn'€™t a person......but an entity at war with your soul? What if that entity pledges to '€˜bring you down'€™ and you comply unwillingly based on all the false promises above? What if you just didn'€™t care anymore and let the entity have his way with you?

What if at The End, you find out too late all your efforts were in vain and you gained nothing as a result? What if you felt cheated from a life you could have had if you ignored this entity at the beginning? Here'€™s another important question to consider: what if you spent eternity with this lying, cheating, and deceitful entity? How would you feel?

Muse on these questions when you have time.

This has been a public service message from

Thoughts on a String, Jan 2020

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