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December 22nd, 2019

10:29 PM

Archive - From the Director's Chair: New Image Weekend

I returned from the New Image Writers bus tour and man, are my arms tired!

Well, I'€™m not THAT tired, but I digress.....

Many thanks goes to author and New Image Writers founder Martha Tucker for allowing Staci Robinson, Anjuelle Floyd, Pamela Samuels-Young, Mary Wilridge, Corlis Martin, Sheila Spencer, and some guy who tagged along, the opportunity to make a bit of history the past weekend of October 12-14, 2007. Personally, it was fun hanging out with such talented people and I can’t say enough about the love we received the whole weekend!

The bus tour kicked off inside the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Culver City. We were treated to an inspirational song, a proclamation and some breakfast before we made our way to the first of our many stops, Spa 313 in Inglewood. At the spa, Martha insisted we speak to the patrons inside, talking up our books. Usually I would be nervous, much less shy in approaching strangers discussing my two books, but due to the advances made in promoting the Los Angeles Black Book Expo this year, I was able to read a poem or two. We were tailed by a local station, KTLA during our trip. They showed film of us leaving the Four Points and our time at Spa 313. We showed our appreciation by leaving our reporter on the scene books to remember us by. (poor guy, lol). From there, it was on to our next stop, the Inglewood Main Library.

We were able to have a discussion in the library about the purpose of the New Image Writers and even invoked a question from an aspiring writer who wanted to know how to break in the writing business. After we gave our new author tips to follow, we had lunch in the front of the library. I could see the looks and smiles on everyone’s faces. This was turning out to be a good trip and for the rest of the day during stops at the Crown Books in the Baldwin-Hills/Crenshaw Plaza, and Smiley’s Books, everyone was psyched for the next two days at the Black Writers Festival hosted by the Cameron Eugene Jackson Library.

For the rest of that historic weekend, you’ll have to log on to North Bay Media Review.com for the rest! (smile)

In retrospect, the bus tour was a great idea and I hope all new and aspiring writers out there with a positive message contacts Martha and becomes part of this brand new group out to make a difference. For the record, we can never have enough writers groups out there. If we as authors stress networking as a pathway to success, then groups like the New Image Writers, International Black Writers and Artists of Los Angeles and the California Writers Collective, are great to have.

Thanks to Martha, the New Image Writers are gonna do big things and to think, it all started at the Los Angeles Black Book Expo! The power of networking does work and they are living proof of that!

Many thanks to Algerita Lewis for keeping us on our toes the whole time!

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