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October 15th, 2019

11:33 AM

Progress Report With Some Thoughts

Hey folks,

I'€™m doing much better these days. During my time off, I've been thinking on what my life will be moving forward so I want to share that with you. In a social media world, I don't see much progress in maintaining a profile for much longer. It might be a day, a month, a year or whenever. There's no rush but the less I get out of the experience of using a platform, it's a clear sign to move on. I feel my stroke has given not only my brain time to 'reset'€™, but my life as well. Spending hours reading what others post on their feeds is a timewaster and I don't have too much of it left to deal with social nonsense.

As soon as I am completely well, I plan to resume writing again. I hope this entry will serve as an impetus to return back to a normal routine where I can go back to my creative works but we'll see. In the past, I shared news like this online before where I tell you folks "I'm going to write again"€ only to be sidetracked by whatever. I plan to stick with it this time and spend my moments back to the thing I enjoy the most, working on my creative works.

My time away from the blog has given me a fresh perspective on life and it's good that my summer was spent getting enough rest and solitude. After the year I had, it was necessary to take some time off and not get involved in matters that have taken me away from this first love of writing. I had to find 'distractions'€™ away from my father's illness and then death with a main issue in my neighborhood of South Los Angeles. That provided a brief escape from the harsh reality of his passing. That is no longer the case.

It was forty years ago I immersed myself in this pool of creativity, expression and thought. I haven't come up for air since. The key to a peaceful recovery is to enjoy this writing process again and have fun with it. I find that with social media there is no fun. There is only agenda-driven topics, propaganda, and madness. Who needs that? I don't, absolutely. So I will only share this in closing: I love to write. Most of you who have visited this blog know that and as long as I am still around mentally and physically, I pray nothing takes me away from enjoying the time spent expressing my thoughts.

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