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August 2nd, 2019

9:21 PM

Why You Haven't Heard From Me (Charles)

Hey folks, I haven't posted in a while because I had a stroke.

This is something I usually don'€™t share with the rest of the online world, but I wanted to explain my absence from the internet last month. My illness cost me an assignment for a story I planned to write, and my life has slowed to a crawl for the moment. I'm coming back slowly but I'€™m feeling better by the moment.

Many thanks to my lovely wife for spotting my illness and rushing me on time to the hospital to get the help I needed.

So until further notice, I will maintain '€˜online silence'€™ until I'€™m '€˜back on the mend'€™. Thanks to all of you concerned folks, but I am well. See you then, take care.

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