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January 6th, 2019

7:18 PM

Protect Your (Mental) Heart: Take a Break

You know, this past week has been full of fire and fury on social media. I like to slow things down a bit and post a serious-less entry. There will be no responses about that child-molesting R&B singer, not an emotional '€˜think'€™ piece to waste time on, none of that. Instead.....

A couple of days ago I took a trip to one of my favorite places, Exposition Park. I noticed the changes going on; the new soccer stadium, construction for the Lucas Museum of Interactive Art, even taking an extra trip inside the USC campus (see you at the Festival of Books) and the new USC Village. These changes may signal a new day in this part of South Los Angeles, but the memories at Exposition never will. The Rose Garden which still remains takes me back to a place where in younger days, I would walk with a date admiring the fresh flowers in full bloom, a sense of peace from the madness taking outside the grounds. When I walk through the Rose Garden, I feel at peace with the world as if nothing posted online or in the news doesn'€™t matter. If there is a remedy to clear your mind, I strongly suggest this place. Just a few minutes helps to gain a semblance of quiet, different from the political correct, racial, gender noise we absorb on the internet.

As a lifelong resident of South (Central) Los Angeles, I'€™m glad the Rose Garden is there. Now that our city is development crazy, who knows how long it will last? This is why for the moment I enjoy my solitary walks with the gazebos (used for weddings by request) nearby to rest and collect my thoughts. Can I be honest here? Our minds are constantly bombarded with ideology after ideology twenty four hours, seven days a week. Shouldn'€™t be ideal to take a moment of our lives and step out of the house to enjoy the moment we'€™re living in right now? I'€™ve taken a vow to enjoy the life I'€™m living NOW, not to spend it worrying about the government, social, gender and racial matters, which of course are discussed on a daily basis and are important taken in doses, but constantly? The internet and social media today is built to break down your mind rather than build it up with knowledge and insight. Taking a day for yourself benefits you in the long run. Just a random thought.

Depending on what God decides for my life, the next few years will be challenging and the most trying I'€™ve ever lived. My father is gone. The time will come when I have to face death again when it comes for my mother, possibly my wife and eventually yours truly. These past few months have been difficult and yet by the grace of God, I am still here. That being said, my mental heart, my mind needs to take a break from the cares and concerns of this world and plot the rest of my journey through life. I ask reader, isn'€™t about time you do the same? If you'€™re of a mature age, go back and remember what your life was like before the internet. Remember when you could travel to a place like the Rose Garden and benefit from your visit as you ignored the issues that plagued your mind and lived in the moment? Take the time to plot your escape from that man made contraption, protect your (mental) heart.

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