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December 20th, 2018

8:25 PM

A Personal Message (2018)

2018 is almost over, time once again for most of us to reflect back on the year that was for the fulfillment of resolutions that wasn'€™t. Yes, there may be a few of us who proclaimed '€˜this is our year'€™ only to find disappointment if none of our goals were met. There are the people such as I who experienced a disheartening loss of a loved one even a family member. Then there are those individuals whose lives were changed from a positive result or fortune. No matter how it turned out, 2018 was your year.

For me personally, these past few months of grieving was inevitable. I'€™ve prepared for the moment of my father'€™s passing since the early 1990'€™s. I had expected to react a certain way, feel emotions I'€™ve thought of but on the moment of his death, there were no heartfelt goodbyes, no physical embraces to remember him by. All it took was the sound of my wife and mother crying from a day at work and a meeting to hear the words I expected to hear for over twenty years; my father is dead. Even now, it'€™s hard for me to type those words. It is now a reality so I must.

After taking a few days from work to have a vacation with my wife, I had to think what'€™s next? What is the next challenge going to be? What will this next year bring? For starters, I'€™ve taken action to improve my health which so far has helped. This is a goal I plan to follow through for 2019 and beyond if the Lord Wills. 2018 was a year that presented an opportunity to write for local media such as the California Crusader Newspaper. I have five interviews published and my articles (which can be seen on the photo gallery of my website) reignited my desire to write for the moment. I understand many folks are waiting for word on Storm Over South Central, my latest work that at some future date I will release although at this point, it'€™s still a ways away. My apologies to you who waited anxiously to this point.

No matter what happens, my vacation relaxed my mind, soothed my soul enough for me to refocus once again to the subjects that matter most. 2019 if we'€™re fortunate to see it I suspect will be a better year than previous years were. While I can'€™t say it will be the best, I hope and pray it will be the most blessed year I'€™ve had. The rest is up to God.

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