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December 24th, 2012

2:14 PM

Memories of A Good Friend, Megan

I didn’t mention this before, because no official announcement was made. If there is one, please inform me and I’ll post it here.

As a guest who appeared often on Advice Radio’s “Writers, Authors N More ”, I had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely and talented host of the show Megan Willingham who over the years I considered to be a consummate professional, and a good friend. Whether it was an appearance to promote my books, or later the Los Angeles Black Book Expo, she was always there to make sure those of us who are authors without voices could find one on her program.

Writers, Authors N More just finished its tenth year.

Megan passed away in April.

After every appearance, Megan would always send an audio CD of the program I was on. Several authors from the expo also wanted a copy so I just felt with her busy schedule, Megan would send them to me eventually. Receiving an email that I had sent to her months ago, a producer informed me what had happened. This, and every loss of a close friend of mine, hurts. I would like to thank Advice Radio for continuing Megan’s legacy and I hope those of us reading this will also continue supporting the show because Megan gave so much into it.

In case you don’t know. Writers, Authors N More is a program spotlighting authors, writers, those in the literary know. Megan would interview these individuals for an hour and spark up a conversation with them. She would also bring up a quote from an author and inform us about any book events or book signings. I would see her in not only the expo, but the Festival of Books whether it was at UCLA or USC.

Again, she did so much for us who are proud to wear the titles of author or writer. While I personally write about her passing, please keep in mind she touched so many people's hearts via being a guest, listening or producing the show. I believe in their own way, they'll remember her too.

Thank you Megan, for doing more than enough in your part to enhance the love of literacy.

UPDATE: Here is the link to all of Megan's past shows. This will also have a permanent home with the Authors N Focus page as well.

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